The Dynamic Learning Project

Through its personalised technology coaching model, the Dynamic Learning Project helps educators access the training and hands-on support that they need to bring technology to life for their students.

A teacher leans over close to a student in front of a Chromebook.

Empowering educators

Technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of educators who know how to use it. But educators today – especially those at low-income schools – do not always have access to the training that they need to help them learn how to use that technology in effective and meaningful ways.¹

With support from Google, Digital Promise created the Dynamic Learning Project to develop instructional technology coaching programmes in underserved schools. These coaches empower educators to leverage technology in transformative ways with their students and beyond.

Two teachers discuss something while one of them points at the board.

Customised resources

The Dynamic Learning Project provides coaches and principals with custom trainings, tools and resources.

A view of a school fence with a banner that reads \'Dynamic Learning Project School\'.

School-wide transformation

Coaches encourage innovation across the school through consistent, in-person support and partnership.

Two women discuss something sitting in front of a Chromebook in a school setting.

District alignment

The Dynamic Learning Project works with school and district leadership to help ensure coaching advances their student learning goals.

100 schools across the US are piloting in 2018–2019

Map of the US showing the location of some of the schools that have signed up to the Dynamic Learning Project.

Number of schools in each US state piloting the Dynamic Learning Project

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